U.S.-Russia biggest spy swap since the Cold War, an exchange at Vienna airport


The Russian agents being released, who were pardoned by President Dmitry Medvedev after signing confessions, are Igor Sutyagin, a nuclear scientist convicted in 2004 of spying for the CIA; Sergei Skripal, a Russia military intelligence officer convicted of spying for Britain; Alexander Zaporozhsky, an ex-colonel who may have given information that led to the arrests of American spies Robert Hanssen and Aldrich Ames; and Gennady Vasilenko, a former KGB officer whose role in the spy swap is unclear.

Deported from US

  • "Richard Murphy" and "Cynthia Murphy" admitted they were Russians Vladimir Guryev (44) and Lydia Guryev (39)
  • "Donald Howard Heathfield" and "Tracey Lee Ann Foley" admitted they were Russians Andrei Bezrukov (49) and Elena Vavilova (47)
  • "Michael Zottoli" and "Patricia Mills" admitted they were Russians Mikhail Kutsik (49) and Natalia Pereverzeva (36)
  • "Juan Lazaro" admitted he was Russian Mikhail Vasenkov (66) – married to Vicky Pelaez (55), journalist born in Peru
  • Anna Chapman, 28 (maiden name Anya Kushchenko) – real estate entrepreneur, daughter of Russian diplomat
  • Mikhail Semenko – apparently operated under own name
  • MISSING – 11th suspect known as "Christopher Metsos", disappeared while on bail in Cyprus

Deported from Russia

  • Igor Sutyagin, nuclear scientist jailed in 2004 for spying for CIA
  • Sergei Skripal, ex-military intelligence (GRU), jailed for spying for UK in 2006
  • Alexander Zaporozhsky, ex-agent of foreign intelligence service (SVR), jailed for spying in 2003
  • Gennady Vasilenko, said to be former KGB agent, jailed in 2006 over illegal weapons



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