Desert of Mars by La Bionda (album ‘Bandido’) (1978)

On the tenth of June we landed here on Mars
And we look out through the dust clouds to the stars.
All around us lay a plain of burning sand
And a bitter wound flew out across the land.
Not a single cosmos there to tell the past,
Not a single lonely play till desert grass.
This is how it really feels to be alone,
Only fifty million miles away from home.

I have flown here through the silent sea of space
And I dare to set my foot upon this place.
On the desert lies the shadow of a man
After wind has blown his footprints from the sand.

In the Martian night two moons rise in the sky
And the winter cold is deeper than her sigh.
And the mountains here aware since time began
And they make me feel ashamed of what I am.

You’re So Fine (1977)

Los hermanos Carmelo y Michelangelo, Sicilianos, fueron los primeros en tener exito en el campo de la producion ¨dance¨ en italia. Se apodaron La Bionda (progetto che abbracciava diversi stili). Comienzan a grabar en Apple, Londres, y en 1977 llegan exitos como Gimme some more, con el que comienzan a darse a conocer en todo el mundo. Entre 1978-1979 venden mas de 10 millones de discos. Graban como D.D. Sound: She’s not a Disco Lady, Cafè, Hootchie Cootchie.
D.D.Sound y La Bionda sacan a la calle excelentes numero uno One for you one for me, I wanna be your lover; Bandido y Rocky woman en 1981. La canción You’re so fine del álbum I wanna be your lover es la que particularmente me parece "Timeless", se la dedico a mi hermana Ma. Fernanda.

I’ve got something on my mind
and I´ve gotta get a message to you
you got rock, you can roll
you get quality control
and I´m stuck on your production line
oh girl I lo lo lo lo love you
every time I try to tell you
I ss-stutter and I lose control

you´re so fine
you really got a class design
and I really wanna make it mine
but I ss-stutter when you tell me hello
you´re so fine
every little thing about you
and you never give me cause to doubt you
so tell your pa pa pa pa papa
tell your ma ma ma ma mama
tell your mama that I love you so

you got something when you talk to me
baby you’re the one that I want
when I´m down you bring me up again
you’re looking great
in the numbers system you’re a ten
oh girl I lo lo lo lo love ya
every time I try to tell ya
I ss-stutter and I lose control

you’re the woman that I want
from the bottom to the top you’re super fine
and I never get enough from your super stuff
oooh electrifying me

1234 Gimme some more (1978)


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